The Age of Up-Cycling

Zarina, our guest blogger for this month is the founder of and graduate of the Parent-Cubator It’s the age of up-cycling, where anything vintage, pre-worn, pre-used or shabbily-chic goes. Interior designers says so, the craft world concurs and slowly but surely it’s ok for our homes, self and belongings to boast the old adage: […]

5 a day in 7 Ways!

Suparna Dhar, Author of ‘Cooking Together – Step by Step guide to Yummy, Healthy and Fun Recipes’ gives us some great healthy eating tips in her guest blog. When working with frazzled mums with young children, I often hear “I know we need to get our 5 a day, but how do we actually do […]

Time Saving Tips For Start Ups

Aurore Hochard is co-founder of Taskhub, a trusted online marketplace and directory for finding local services. As an entrepreneur time is the most precious commodity you have and by managing it more efficiently you are rewarding yourself and your business. Since I set up Taskhub back in 2012, I’ve learnt some pretty valuable lessons in […]

Your Body After Birth: Post Natal Yoga

Anne-Marie H. Zulkahari Director of Pilates & Yoga Movement at Clerkenwellbeing shares some advice about how post natal yoga can help you feel better after labour and birth. Clerkenwellbeing provides a range of primal health services for women and children from pre-conception through birth and the early years  Problems for many women become worse after childbirth when […]

Cloth Nappies: The Final Frontier

Hattie Garlick, author of Free Our Kids is trying out Nappy Ever After’s laundry service. She has written this great piece about it, which she has kindly agreed to share with us too. Have you tried cloth nappies yet? Tell us about your experience! So we did it. Our stash of disposables running low, we took […]

Birthing Positively

The Positive Birth Movement has arrived in Hackney (a short hop from Bloomsbury on the 38 bus) Established in 2012 as the brainchild of Milli Hill, the Positive Birth Movement represents a grass roots movement set up to spread positivity about childbirth, both throughout the global online community and in face-to-face local, free, meetup groups. […]